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The Foundational Values of

Community Heart Space

Elizabeth guides experiential journeys of conscious and sacred engagement with self, spirit and each other in a way that is inspiring and deeply nourishing. Using Evolutionary tools and a spirited blend of Temple practices, conscious breath and awareness practice, sound, movement, sacred presence and sweetly guided magical inquiry.

Temple Practices for the art of embodied presence:

  • Simple Presence – Being with, looking within, slowing down.
  • The Art of Release. Get in and get out. Allow it, follow it,  then come back home to simple presence.
  • Empathy and Personal Grounding.
  • Body Tales – therapeutic expressive Arts’ practice.
  • Sacred Space and creating container.

Simple Presence is the practice of being still, silent and focused inward. Elizabeth begins all practices, prayers and ceremonies to guide us to simple, sacred presence. As we settle ourselves, the unified field then settles and attunes us all in what I term Evolutionary Presence.

Through the development of intimate communion with self, spirit, and each other- we create a vibrant, living space in which our humanity and intimate human needs can blossom, be healed and be held.

Empathy & Grounding are active embodied practices required for both individual and group work. Through guided and active practices- empathy and compassion are cultivated as a personal resource and tool for empowerment and personal development.

Embodied Presence employs breath, presence and awareness practices that involve moving the body, opening the voice and being energetically activated in both moving energy out, pulling it in, clearing, charging and releasing. This is how we “get in our bodies” together and how we practice directing our awareness internally, while connecting more deeply with inner landscapes of self.

Sacred Space and ‘setting container’ are crucial foundations for group work of any kind. It includes taking personal responsibility for ourselves as well as for our collective experience.

Elizabeth is a grounded and gracious facilitator and community organizer with over 25 years in teaching and group facilitation, performance work and depth healing work. She will guide us through practical and direct experiences in human connection that are deeply intimate and nourishing.


About Elizabeth Moriarty

Elizabeth is a warm, wise and charismatic performer, community leader, counselor and healer who creates and holds sacred space in a powerful and gracious way. She is a skilled and naturally gifted  counselor, body-worker, ritual facilitator, and somatic educator with an extensive background in embodied expression and performance art.

Elizabeth studied, practiced and performed a body centered therapy modality called Body Tales since 1995, and was certified to teach Body Tales in 2002. She is also a certified Trance Dance facilitator and yoga teacher.  Elizabeth was a producer, performer and MC at the Harmony Festival for over 20 years and was a founding member of the Mystic Beat Lounge and Techno Tribal community dance.

Elizabeth is a guest Priestess and ritual facilitator at Harbin Hot Springs, where for over 10 years, she’s created and led interactive Solstice, Equinox and New moon Community ceremonies. Her Improvisational performance troupe called ‘The Say it Sisters’ performs at Harbin Hot Springs regularly. Most recently, Elizabeth completed 2 years of training in Counseling with the InterChange Counseling Institute in San Francisco. Elizabeth facilitates a number of events at her Sebastopol Temple home, which is a beautifully cultivated environment for transformational healing and community alchemy.

  • Grief and Loss support Circle and the Fierce Love Fire ceremony, a community grief ceremony.
  • Love, Sex and Relationship – A conversation in sacred space for adults interested in the evolution of intimacy and relationship.
  • Sacred Supper –Gathering in a way that nourishes the belly, the heart and the soul.