2015 Say It Sisters Performances

Improv, story, poetry and dance ~ life’s stories of love, laughter and loss in emboldened and embodied tales.

 At Harbin Hot Springs in the Temple.

Friday, September 25th ~ 8 pm

Sunday, December 6th ~ 8 pm


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Trancedance with Elizabeth felt safe and full of discovery.  She gave just enough information without being overwhelming.  I wanted it to continue longer.
~ B.A., Sebastopol


Wow! What a powerful experience. Tonight I got to find the ways I make myself small, empower myself to claim my rightful place & experience ecstatic freedom all in a 1 hour dance journey! The music was great and Elizabeth really goes above and beyond to create a beautiful sacred space that feels safe and welcoming. I can’t wait to do it again. Yay!
~ Christina Rivera, Guernville


My experience of trance-dance was fruitful.  Deprived of eye-sight, and prompted and supported my the musical landscape, I moved easily into the inner mythical world – where all truth and all possibility lie. There, I was able to meet myself on a deeply personal level.  My own personal ritual began unfolding and i followed the inner pathway through to meet myself there and partake of the richness within. Thank youElizabeth for holding this sacred space – for me and for our community.
~ Ashae Snider, Sebastopol