Conscious Grief Circle

“I have done a few circles with Elizabeth. Participants start as strangers when the circles begin, but with Elizabeth’s graceful and skillful leadership, we reveal ourselves to one another within a safe and sacred container.  By the end of each event , men and women, younger and mature, in all different walks of life, we each find common ground and an intimate connection that is palpable and visceral.  I highly recommend Elizabeth’s work for any of the growth and awareness practices that she offers.” ~ Joseph Tavormina, Sebastopol

Conscious Grief Circle

Metabolizing Our Emotional Pain.

DATES :: Coming this Fall.

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Join us for a tender dive into the terrains of deep feeling where our deepest humanity and our emotional experience is held and cared for in a safe and compassionate container. We sit with the discomfort of growth and change, building language and tools to navigate more powerfully together- through the big stuff in life.

Together, in sacred space, with a masterful guide, we create a “healing field” in which we can begin to let our feelings and emotions be more present, held, understood and metabolized. Healing is metabolizing – so we practice opening, moving, sounding, breathing and fully feeling. Together we’ll explore our humanity, our common experiences with relationships, losses, loves, family, work, health etc. We sit with the discomfort of growth and change, building language and tools to navigate more powerfully together- through the big stuff in life. I hope you will join us, and please do pass the word to your networks for those who may benefit from it.

Elizabeth creates and holds sacred and deeply compassionate space for people to become familiar and comfortable with the internal landscapes and the process of self discovery and personal growth. We practice emotional intelligence, better listening, looking within, speaking from the heart, Spirited prayer, relaxing the mind and following the felt senses in order to discover the golden threads into our mysterious inner terrains. Elizabeth stewards a solid container and experience for people. She holds space with laser presence and a very generous heart.

Do you feel the need to connect with other humans in a deeply intimate and honest way where your emotional experience is held and cared for in a safe and sacred space?

Our journey with Grief, loss and emotional healing will be a tender and courageous being with life and ‘what is’.  Intense feelings, and big hurting is often just too much for us when we are alone, we often resist the deeper waves of pain until we are held and there is actual permission, safety and connection.

Feel free to email Elizabeth to explore working together privately or for any concern or inquiry you may have –

We sit, connect to inner stillness and whatever is brewing and present – we meet with loving acceptance the myriad of embodied experience. We speak and share as it feels right and good. We sit in sacred container which means no one is fixing anyone or making comments or advice. I hold strong field of presence and prayer, which holds us all in the tenderness and fire of feeling. We are all invited to cry, sob, laugh, weep and be authentic in your inner experience.

We learn to get in and get out, ride the waves of sorrow while inviting insights, understanding and true healing.