After the death of my mom I found myself in a very bad, incredibly dark place. In the middle of a huge depression and suffering from PTSD and ready to exit life, I was referred to Elizabeth. Her work with me surely saved my life. I didn’t have time for months of therapy or the inclination to attend aimless grief therapy groups. Elizabeth worked with me in the finest of gifting with care, strength, love and compassion. The results were immediate and they held strong. I owe her my life. ~ Dave W.

Counseling & Emotional Healing

Embodied, expressive, deeply healing personal change work.

With decades of experience in somatic and therapeutic expressive arts, Counseling Sessions with Elizabeth offer a unique opportunity to be in sacred space with self, spirit and the inner landscapes. Her gifts in teaching, counseling and coaching have been well developed over 25 years.

Counseling in the Interchange style is a refreshing shift away from standard talk therapies. We listen together, and feel for the ripe and rich pathways that offer opportunities for investigation.

Counseling with Elizabeth includes embodied awareness and body-centered therapeutic approaches to self change and personal growth.

This process often calls for silence and stillness, movement and somatic expression along with focused inquiry. Elizabeth has an extraordinary capacity for focused presence and space holding.

Elizabeth provides a heart space, both sacred and deeply compassionate – for people to become familiar and comfortable with the internal landscapes and the process of self discovery. The ability to call in and create support is a valuable resource and a sign of proactive self development.

  • Do you feel the need to connect with another human in a deeply intimate and honest way?
  • Do you have deeply held beliefs, patterns, and habits that can be investigated with care and curiosity?
  • Are you longing for more intimacy and authenticity in your connections with other humans and with life ?
  • Do you feel that something mysterious is missing for your daily life and spiritual well being ?
  • Are there times when you sense, know and feel your expanded personal potential but don’t know how to get there, live there, stay there ?
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Elizabeth is a kick-ass counselor.
~ I.G., Sebastopol



It’s truly my honor to hold the space for this great work.  
~ Elizabeth