Love, Sex & Relationship

A sacred space conversation for adults interested in love, intimacy, sexuality, our humanness and the evolution of our relatedness.

DATES :: Coming this Fall.

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Drop-ins Welcome ~ $15 – $20

A provocative conversation for adults interested in love, intimacy, sexuality, our humanness and the evolution of our relatedness. Our sacred space conversation will explore old and new, traditional and nontraditional models for relationship as well as esoteric, spiritual, and practical relative content. With no allegiance to any particular modality, lifestyle or choice we’ll hold a curious tone such that we discover for ourselves what we feel, believe, need and desire.

Our Love, Sex and Relationship conversation circle has been a rich experiment in inquiry, discovery, insight and connection.

People have asked about the Love, Sex & Relationship circles, so I thought I would write a bit about what we do and how it goes.

We begin with a settling in, quieting the mind with my Tibetan Bowls and a short prayer to set the space. People share one word out loud: a feeling, attribute or value, which begins the building of our container with everyone’s voice folding into the mix.

We again go around the circle, people say their name and complete the sentence starting with “My heart…” We’ve often done 2 rounds of that since our hearts often have a lot to say when presenced.

I share a bit about the intention and orient people to the circle format and protocols for keeping the space both sacred and safe for everyone. Normal guidelines apply: no cross talking or commenting on peoples shares, no advice or fixing, we agree to confidentiality and to hold one another’s shares and experience with curiosity, respect and privacy. I invite us to reach out to each other offering empathy, touch and support, in particular for the tender hearted and vulnerable shares. We practice empathy, good listening, witness practices including staying grounded in the presence of emotional energy or heightened states. I consider these basic and essential ‘life skills’ to any group and community with interest is in depth, transparency and genuine authenticity as basic values and group norms.

I open the floor to short shares, hearing about why people came and are attracted to the topic, we get the intentions, curiosities and interests out on the table, and again, our container deepens a bit more. We offer opportunities for longer shares for those who feel it although no one is required or pressured to share.

There are some important distinctions to be named here. There are 2 types of sharing
in circle space. One is sharing from the heart with uninterrupted time for heart and personal shares. “I” statements and personal in nature sharing are invited rather than stories, events, details not pertinent to the authentic inner experience. The other type of relating is a more conversational sharing and open topic discussion. This is all warmly facilitated and masterfully guided such that we don’t default into the poorly mannered, automatic or unconscious relational skills.

I feel the skills we develop in this format, are essential life skills which serve and support us individually and collectively. We are getting smarter together, while building strengths and resources that are vital to evolving culture and community coherence.

The Conscious Grief circles are similar in format but involve some movement and embodied work  using Body Tales and Elizabeth signature embodied practices and principles. We are somewhat provocative in using heart to heart connections, evocative music, and offering empathy and loving care to those sitting in emotional pain and discomfort. The space is wildly permissive, safe and expertly held for those who need to be invited and encouraged to depths of feeling otherwise blocked or unavailable to them. Elizabeth offers skillful counseling and insights and understanding which is key to metabolizing  transforming the experience of loss, pain and grief.