Ritual & Ceremony Facilitation

Elizabeth brings a palpable depth and a warm spirited energy through her facilitation and leadership. She is a masterful space holder and facilitator whose confident and gracious manner often relaxes and nurtures those around her.  She inspires and guides people into greater presence and awareness, stewarding love, joy an celebration and offering people experiences of depth and meaning.

She shares spiritually in a warm inclusive way, honoring the ancient, the modern, and the many, many paths and practices.  She has a particular gift in bringing diverse peoples together in celebration through her warm, inclusive and gracious facilitation.

With a background in performance art, event production, teaching and healing work, Elizabeth embodies and shares many years of experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Community Ceremonies at Harbin Hot Springs

Elizabeth is an honored and respected guest priestess at Harbin Hot Springs. For the past decade she has facilitated over 50 thematic community ceremonies for the guests and community in the Harbin Temple.

Elizabeth is a guest teacher of Ceremonial Arts for the Heart Consciousness Church Ministerial program. She was ordained at Harbin into The Ministry Of The sacred Garden- an off shoot of Harbins HeartConsciousness Church.

Watch for dates and opportunities to celebrate the Solstices, Equinoxes, new moons and other special occasions and holidays at Harbin with Elizabeth and the Harbin Ministers.


Ministry Services

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Adolescent / teen Rites of Passage
  • Mistress of Ceremonies
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Seasonal Community Rituals
  • Embodied, and interactive practices for groups of all ages.

Elizabeth is a playful and loving community leader. She is a big hearted facilitator with a grounded ,deep presence. She brings warmth, humor and a delightful authenticity to her role as Priestess. She currently facilitates community rituals and ceremonies, officiates weddings, teaches Body Tales, and offers her transformational healing in her private practice.

I went to Elizabeth’s healing rites ritual last month and found that its offerings exceeded even my very own high expectations. I chose to attend this wonderful event because I knew that waiting for me would be a gorgeous temple – energetically and aesthetically prepared, a warm communal environment, and a well facilitated intentional clear workshop hosted by Elizabeth herself. Upon arriving I was not surprised to find each of these elements perfectly in place – allowing the participants to relax and feel well loved and cared for. Beyond this…I arrived with my lover, hoping that this day would be for us a new way to reconnect and find new depths with each other. On this level I found more then I could possibly have hoped for. Elizabeth’s tender and in depth explanations allowed my lover to really learn how to take the time to truly touch and feel me in such a way that allowed me to open, and I found myself there, crying, shaking, opening, feeling, allowing him in so that he could feel our sensual connection in a new and intimate way. When it was his turn to receive, Elizabeth instructed him to  slow down and take everything in, so that he could really feel his entire body and I saw him relaxing, and drinking in sensuality in a way he never had before. Afterwards we both were reluctant to leave, and spent a while just bathing in the warmth of the space, cuddled up with each other. The next morning we had one of the best love making sessions we’d had in a long time. I am so grateful to this beautiful temple mother for her grace and intentional facilitation. thank you!
~ Hadass Kantorowicz

Wedding Ceremonies


I offer my creative and uniquely spirited  flair to the intention and design of your ceremony and gathering.

It is my honor and pleasure to assist people in the process of their ceremonial journey. Getting married is a big deal! Together we create the perfect reflection of you which can also serve in bringing together diverse families, friends, beliefs and traditions.

My Spiritual leadership is broad and joyful and  can include any and all faiths.

Hey Elizabeth.  I just wanted to thank you again for being the minister at our wedding.  We were both so pleased with the job you did and the way the ceremony went.  Thanks again Elizabeth.  Take care…many blessings in the future!
~ Jessie and Kasey