Elizabeth Moriarty is a skilled and naturally gifted counselor, teacher, healer and community organizer. She is a seasoned Ritualist and group facilitator who holds space with a laser presence and a generous heart. Elizabeth holds certifications in Interchange Counseling, Body Tales, Massage Therapy, TranceDance and Integral Yoga. She facilitates circles, ceremonies and Sacred Suppers at her Sebastopol Temple home, which is a beautifully cultivated environment for healing and community alchemy. Elizabeth is a guest ritual facilitator at Harbin Hot Springs, leading interactive Solstice, Equinox and New moon ceremonies in the Temple while her Improvisational performance troupe called ‘The Say it Sisters’ performs at Harbin Hot Springs quarterly. Elizabeth is all about service and is excited about her work holding space for the conscious evolution of humans through embodied principles and practices and sacred space experiences.