Bodywork & Massage

Elizabeth offers World class massage and a unique healing spa experience in a beautiful Temple home close to downtown Sebastopol. Elizabeth has a mature and experienced touch cultivated over 20 years of active study and practice. She provides people with a safe and sacred place to unwind, be themselves and indulge in self care and personal healing time. Elizabeth invites her clients to “drop in” to themselves and their inner landscapes while providing intuitively guided therapeutic bodywork and counseling.

Her experience in Body work and massage in extensive and combines both light touch and deep tissue massage along with Trager, Swedish, acupressure and spiritually grounding energy work.

Certified in Massage Therapy at Harbin School of Shiatsu and Massage in 1998, Elizabeth continued to study and practice healing modalities such as Vibrational Healing, Body Tales, TranceDance (Movement and expressive arts) Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and most recently Counseling with the Interchange Counseling institute.
The Temple bath meditation is a guided relaxation and soak in the giant tub, with Aromatherapy oils, Tibetan singing bowls and Elizabeth’s signature prayer journey. Its absolutely sublime experience for body, heart and soul.

Elizabeth is a gifted healer with a gracious and generous heart. 
She has 2 decades of study and practice in Massage, counseling, embodied practices; Body Tales, Trance Dance, emotional release, sound and energy healing, and therapeutic sexual healing. Elizabeth has a huge capacity to support people through lifes mysteries and challenges with enormous empathy, compassion and a laser presence.

Elizabeths home has an exquisite Temple ambiance with sacred art and exotic décor with outdoor massage available seasonally.

Call or email Elizabeth to discuss Counseling, bodywork or Temple Healing sessions.

Elizabeth, Thank you! And how nice to experience your fabulous work. It was lovely and your were delightful, comfortable, personal, gentle and direct and full of wonderful information for people. You have a wonderful touch, I was streaming inside just watching you and feeling your hands, though briefly, was the highlight for me!! You create A LOT of movement dear friend, thank you again! Great job! It was the perfect present for my man. ~ namaste
~ M.N.,  M.S., D.D., ACS.